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Gears are the mostly found transmission components. In a ingranaggi di vermi plastichi typical gear assembly, one toothed steering wheel interlocks with another. Gearboxes are often used to deliver power or change direction.

Plastic-type gears, as the brand suggests are made from plastic rather than metal. Included in these are worm gears, spur gears, helical gears, pinion gears, tooth gears, bevel gears, and planetary gears. The material can be a mixture of Nylon (Nylon PA6 or Nylon PA66) and POM (Polyoxymethylene).

Benefits of Plastic Gear:

They can easily come in various shapes.
Plastic material gears are relatively affordable.
Producenu un rumore più bassu in paragunà à l'ingranaggi di metallo.
Sò resistenti à u deterioramentu postu chì anu un coefficient d'attrito bassu.
Resistente à a corrosione

These gears are used extensively in various power transmission and action control systems. Though we have listed simply five types of plastic-type material gears, we also provide customized gears as per client’s specifications.

1. Plastic Spur Gear
Modulu: M0.1 - M2.0
Materiali: Polyacetal (POM) / Nylon (Flexible)
Alesaggio: O1.40mm/O1.90mm/O2.05mm/O2.40mm/O2.55mm/O2.90mm/O3.05mm (Flessibile)
Diametru Esternu: O2.0mm - O100.0mm (Flexible)
Larghezza di a faccia (L): 2.0 mm - 10.0 mm (flessibile)

2. Gear Plastic Helical
Modulu: M0.1 - M2.0
Materiale: Polyacetal (POM) / Nylon
Alesaggio: Ø1.40 mm/ Ø1.90 mm/ Ø2.05 mm/ Ø2.40 mm/ Ø2.55 mm / Ø2.90 mm/ Ø3.05 mm
Diametru Esternu: Ø10.0mm - Ø50.0mm (Flexible)
Larghezza di a faccia (L): 2.0 mm - 10.0 mm (flessibile)

3. Plastic Worm Gears
Modulu: M0.2 - M2.0
Materiali: Polyacetal (POM) / Nylon
Alesaggio: Ø1.40 mm/ Ø1.90 mm
Dimensioni esterne: Ø4.0mm/ Ø5.0mm/ Ø6.0mm (Flexible)
Lunghezza: 6.0 mm / 8.5 mm / 10.0 mm (flessibile)

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