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Koaxdrive Ever-Power
The quiet Ever-Electricity Koaxdrive gearhead combines worm and planetary gearheads. The signature feature of the travel is its unusually silent running, even under heavy loads.
High reduction ratio in the first stage
Combined with Ever-Electrical power EC motors, suitable for medical technology.

Unità di mandatu Ever-Power
Spindle drives transfer the power generated by the motor into linear feed level and feed force. The productivity shaft’s bearings can absorb highest axial loads.
cuncezzione piccolo due to direct integration of the spindle
Cumprende gearhead planetariu cù cuscinetti radiali è assiali
Cuncepitu per forze elevate è tassi di alimentazione lineari
Ampia gamma di mandrini per adattà ogni applicazione

Riduttore planetariu Ever-Power
Planetary gearheads are suitable for transferring huge torque. The larger gearheads are normally equipped with ball bearings at the gearhead end result.
Coppia di serratura finu à 180 Nm
Ratio di riduzione di 4: 1 à 6285: 1
Alta putenza in pocu spaziu

Riduttori di spur Ever-Power
Spur gearheads are ideal for low torques. The gearheads contain a number of stages. One stage represents the pairing of two cogwheels. The primary toothed equipment (pinion) is mounted directly on the electric motor shaft. The bearing of the output shaft is usually made of sintered materials.
Prezzi attraenti
Coppia di uscita finu à 2 Nm
Ratio di riduzione di 6: 1 à 5752: 1
Livellu bellu ruficu

The gearheads are adapted to the desired motors on site in the supplying plant, further bettering the gearhead performance.

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